Celebrity stalking for fun and profit

Celebrity stalking for fun and profit:
File under Fun But Creepy Panopticon Effects:
I know we all try to be sophisticated and cool and pretend we are not impressed by mere celebrities when they stroll by us as we go about our daily business, but truth be told, you get just a little giddy, don’t you? Even if you’re not a fan?

nancy has a blog:) oh… this was the 5000th post.id woo hoo, though… i guess i’m probably actually in the 3000 post realm. actually… this post was 3946….. amazing… isn’t it.

0 comments on “Celebrity stalking for fun and profit

  1. Nancy Baym says:

    methinks you exaggerate my productivity just a wee bit 🙂

    Yours on the other hand…!

  2. jeremy says:

    well, everything after the —- is usually about me or my opinion. but yeah, that is a fair number of posts. but look how long the blog has been around….