Times of Oman:
Maybe it was those explosive “liquid chemicals” they were planning to smuggle aboard the planes. After all, it’s only 160 years since nitroglycerin was invented. It’s a mere eleven years since Al Qaeda associate Ramzi Yousef plotted to blow up 12 airliners flying across the Pacific at the same time with nitro carried aboard in contact lens solution bottles. Who could have foreseen this? Quick! Bring in new security measures! They really aren’t that stupid. They have been checking liquids that people want to carry aboard flights at airport security checkpoints for years.

There would be no need for drastic new security measures even if the alleged British terrorist ring were still on the loose. This is all hype, designed to frighten the British and American publics into supporting the wars of their deeply unpopular governments (and the war of their Israeli ally as well). Or am I being too cynical? Maybe they’re just stupid. I really don’t know any more.


the sad thing is that dyer is right and that the herd is still stampeding behind its manipulating leaders.

i certainly hope that no one believes that this makes them feel any safer… it does not make them safer.

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  1. CleverGirl says:

    Safer?? It just makes me more nervous. Right up there with the knowledge that condoms don’t always work.

  2. jason says:

    as yuka says, this happened a day after joe leberman lost, as you notice. she said that the japanese papers have noted that some UK official said they were pressured by the US government to make the arrests before there was any proof. spin spin spin