/Message: Edglings: A Well-Ordered Humanism and The Future Of Everything

/Message: Edglings: A Well-Ordered Humanism and The Future Of Everything:
Here’s some thoughts on the emerging characteristics of web culture: the glue that holds Edglings — and through them, everything else — together:

Centroids Edglings

Work and Politics Top-down, authoritarian Bottom-up, egalitarian

Point-of-View Objective, Impartial Subjective, Partial

Belonging Hierarchies Networks

Family Nuclear Post-nuclear networks

Political scope Nationalism Regionalism

Media Mainstream Participative

Culture Monocultural Multicultural

Environment Exploitative, Unsustainable Restorative, Sustainable

Spirituality Centralized, Dogmatic, Outside of Nature Decentralized, Enigmatic, Nature based

These facets of society are arrayed in no particular order, and are strongly mutually reinforcing. They share, at the core, a strong predisposition to reject centralized authority, whether in business, goverment, media, or religion. The web allows us to change all the major axes of life, and to work our way onto a substantively different cultural ethos than what has preceded it, specifically the structures of life and work that have been thrown up by the industrial revolution and its aftermath.

stowe boyd has some insights into a phenomenal he calla ‘edgelings’… to me it looks remarkably like postmodernity combined with a more personal informationalism and consumerism.