WriteRoom | Hog Bay Software

WriteRoom | Hog Bay Software:
A place to sit down and write
Walk into WriteRoom and your busy computer life fades away. The distractions of e-mail, the web, and your thousand desktop icons are gone. Only you and your text remain. This is a place where work gets done and procrastination has no place. When you’ve finished exit your WriteRoom, and you are back in the busy world with your work in hand.

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  1. […] Jeremeanie pointed me to WriteRoom | Hog Bay Software (image below until they block me) which seems to give you your computer back. OF course, clicking on the Hide-Others button might do that too, but still, why not have a widget to do that. […]

  2. G-Man says:

    There is also a very good Windows option to this program called the WestEdit text editor.
    It can be found at http://home.online.no/~westerma/WestEdit/

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