Teaching and Developing Online

Teaching and Developing Online:
Teaching is Dead, Long live learning is a similar iconoclastic statement aimed at the traditions of modernist education. It uses the sociological and economic impact of media technology, in particular the Internet and its strengthening of informal and networked learning, and calls the foreseeable end of the traditional roles of teachers and ultimately the school system. It is in this day and age that the ideas of Ivan Illich become more realistic…
I think illich is becoming more and more important in our own day. the focus on learning notwithstanding.

3 comments on “Teaching and Developing Online

  1. CleverGirl says:

    Next to Tolstoy’s thoughts on learning (see the book Tolstoy as Teacher), Ivan Illich Is my theoretical Hero & it’s all thanks to Jason. Which alone makes undertaking a Phd I may never finish worth it.

  2. jeremy says:

    oh, you’d better finish it. it is totally worth it…. honest…. ask jason….

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