I fear that I’m becoming a Luddite

I fear that I’m becoming a Luddite:
I still find that my best, most creative writing is done with pen and paper. The longer process forces me to think about each paragraph, each sentence, each word. When writing with a word processor I really have to force myself to slow down. It’s too easy too ramble. Obviously, my blogs are always written not by pen otherwise my postings would be much more concise. Also, with word processors it’s too distracting knowing that Firefox is so nearby.

i think that there are explanations for this that have more to do with humans than the technology….

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  1. jason says:

    pen and paper are the coolest most cutting edge bit of high tech to come out in the last 3 million years. fountain pen even better. it is like a wacom tablet and a watergun and a writing tool all in one.

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