A fun meme, from Philobiblon Via

“which authors have you read more than ten books by?”

(Obviously, this presumes extremely productive authors.)


This could take some time….

Theory and Philosophy
Jean Baudrillard

Pierre Bourdieu


Michel Foucault


Paul Virilio

(I could probably list Aristotle, and a bunch of other ancients here too)


J.G. Ballard

Charles Bukowski

Umberto Eco

Jack Kerouac

Hunter S. Thompson

General fiction
Dave Barry

Ian Fleming

Gary Gygax

Alan Moore (yes the comics, but they are very good)

Robert B. Parker

Don Pendleton

Terry Pratchett

Spider Robinson

(there are probably others)

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  1. Lorrie says:

    Virilio has written more than 10 books. Wow! I didn’t know that… It’s funny what such a list says about you.

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