400+ pell grants or a new yacht.

Presidential Yacht . Um, Democrats?…: “

Presidential Yacht. Um, Democrats? Families are taking donations to send body armor to their kids and Bush gets himself a presidential yacht? If you can’t figure out how to play this one…

The Senate voted 65-30 for the legislation late on Saturday that sets aside funds for a range of priorities including a presidential yacht, foreign aid and energy. It is one of the final pieces of work for the 108th Congress and they may return to finish a spy agency overhaul before the end of the year.

…I’m serious. If the DNC isn’t on the ground tomorrow running ads saying Bush took your kid’s Pell grant away so he could spend the money on a yacht they’re fools… [Eschaton]”QB

Yep. $2 million budgeted to get the presedential yacht. Nice that some have their priorities right. Cut funding to NIH but get Bush his yacht.

(Via A Man with a Ph.D. – Richard Gayle’s Weblog.)


i know what i would choose…. do you?

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  1. kathy says:

    Turns out it’s not Dubya who wants the yacht. It was a Republican though. Congressman Bill Young from Florida who was responsible for the line item reagarding the Sequoia.

    His spokesperson said he was afraid that it would be used as a riverboat casino somewhere. Considering it costs about $500,000 a year to run and only holds 49 passengers I think the riverboat scenario is unlikely. More like they are fending off another offer from Little Rock to purchase the Sequoia and park it next to the Clinton Library. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/news/headline_article.asp?aid=18374 Even though the last report of the Democrats from Arkansas making an offer was sometime early in 2001.