lemmings, all lemmings….

Top Colleges, Rated by Those Who Chose Them. A group of economists has compiled a new college ratings system that is based on where America's best and brightest decide to go to school. By By ERIC DASH. [The New York Times > Education]


The Preference Ranking of U.S. Colleges and Universities (ssrn.com (abstract only — this might download, though))

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i'd rather have a map of the outcomes of the top 3 people from each high school's graduating class, not one that covers this particular group of people, which are inclined to exactly what they did, cause mommy, or daddy, or counselor x or y, etc. encouraged them.

I think in my high school class, people went to American, Lycoming, and The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. the first two did well, the last quit.

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