State: Chiropractic school angers FSU professors

State: Chiropractic school angers FSU professors: “A growing number of professors in the Florida State University College of Medicine are saying they will resign if FSU administrators continue to pursue a proposed chiropractic school.

‘I would no longer wish to volunteer my teaching energies to FSU medical school, should it encompass a school of chiropractic,’ wrote Dr. Ian Rogers, an assistant professor at FSU’s Pensacola campus, in a Dec. 15 e-mail. ‘This is plainly ludicrous!!!!’

The threatened resignations – at least seven to date, all from assistant professors who work part time – reflect a belief among many in the medical establishment that chiropractic is a ‘pseudo-science’ that leads to unnecessary and sometimes harmful treatments. Professors are even circulating a parody map of campus that places a fictional Bigfoot Institute, School of Astrology and Crop Circle Simulation Laboratory near a future chiropractic school.”

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it just makes me want to read ‘society must be defended’ all over again…

7 assistant professors who work part time…… determine what a pseudo-science is… all i know is that i have friends that swear by chiropracty, and they seem happy enough.